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Discussion in 'Two weeks trial' started by |CU|unknown, Jun 14, 2017.

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  1. |CU|unknown

    |CU|unknown WristHaX Addict

    Member Name |CU|unknown

    What Server are you applying for?: Dust2 only

    In-Game Name: |CU|unknown

    What is your steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4936921

    What is your email address?

    Age: 30

    Do you have AMX Experience. If so describe to us what experience you have.: amx and amxmodx. I've used and programmed in both during my time as a server owner.

    League History (if any): A season of cal-o years ago.

    Timezone: -4 Atlantic

    Tell us why you should be Admin: I often play during times when no one else is around. With my experience as both a player and a server owner, I would like to help out to keep the server clean and enjoyable for everyone.
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  2. Pifferanus1

    Pifferanus1 WristHaX Geek

    vouch, good player, smart, reports hackers
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  3. Mummified41

    Mummified41 Loyal Servant

    I was waiting for quite some time for him to finally apply to be a member. He just couldn't bring himself to join another community yet and I could respect that at the time.

    As for the admin app, he's quite knowledgeable, has a lot to offer, fun to play with, mature, respectful and often PMs me in steam when a hacker is present. No doubt he'll make a great admin.

    Huge Vouch!
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  4. whiteOut`

    whiteOut` The Artisté

    Vouch. Experienced and always calls when a hacker is around.
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  5. DarkSide

    DarkSide Guardian

    Although I don't play much in D2, he has already reported to me several hackers via steam chat, all of them dirty. He definitely knows spot hackers and has been very active on the server.

    GL !
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  6. Forza.

    Forza. WristHaX Addict

    he's really active on the server he's applying for , his chat history is clean , he's respectful , he's mature ,
    and reported some hackers!
    Good Luck!
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  7. -=Kill4Free=-|TEO|

    -=Kill4Free=-|TEO| Knight Templar

    I will step too and VOUCH for this guy.
    Seen him a lot playing in our servers. He is very active, knowledgeable, responsible, mature etc. :)
    Welcome and good luck.
  8. VladeehmiR |SM|

    VladeehmiR |SM| WristHaX Addict

    he's really active on the server, he's mature ,and reported some hackers!

    good player
  9. Motion [1975]

    Motion [1975] WristHaX Addict

    Vouch! Active and have reported a decent amount of dirty hackers. Good luck, programmer! :D
  10. Hokay

    Hokay Part Time Detective

    I'll approve for a trial, just to make sure you do alright before permanent.

    Please make sure you read through all the admin requirements and the tips to being successful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

    Congrats and welcome to the team.

  11. Johnny

    Johnny WristHaX Site Administrator Staff Member

    • WHX | Administrators
    Amx access added on dust2 for 14 days. Check your inbox for admin password. Congrats and good luck.
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