Banned Tom and Jerry - Banned by Albert

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Tom and Jerry, Jun 18, 2017 at 5:57 AM.

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  1. Tom and Jerry

    Tom and Jerry Banned

    Member Name Tom and Jerry

    Admin who banned you: Albert

    In-Game Name: M1shell

    Ban URL:

    Ban Reason: WallHack/Aimbot

    Server you were banned from: Website

    Describe the Event: Yo no hice nada

    Proof Of Innocence: Yo soy inocente y nunca he utilizado trucos, estaba jugando en el vapor y no usar trampa ...
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  2. Motion [1975]

    Motion [1975] WristHaX Addict

  3. Serbi@n

    Serbi@n Ред Стар Staff Member

    • WHX | Leader
    @Demo Reviewers please review that demo once again, even do i trust to Darkside.
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  4. Joker!

    Joker! #MouseDR

    Well, he traced a lot but he didnt kill anyone. I'm going with Dirty, cuz of those hard traces.
  5. iNoob

    iNoob WristhaX Noob

    14:44 trace. 14:50 trace. 14:56 trace again? 15:32 trace.
    too many accurate traces to be clean. dirty for me.
  6. Mummified41

    Mummified41 Loyal Servant

    That looks like clear as day WH to me. iNoob got all the traces; there's no way he knew exactly where all 3 were w/o some type of external assistance. Sound was no factor here. 3 dirty for the majority. @Staff
  7. Dr Evil

    Dr Evil Loyal Servant Staff Member

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    Thanks for all the reviews. Player stays banned and banned from forums
  8. Legendary[Geo]

    Legendary[Geo] Hi, I am a cry ass.

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