Denied BarbieGirl#FnRc Applying for Slaughter House

Discussion in 'Denied' started by BarbieGirl#FnRc, Jul 10, 2018 at 4:20 PM.

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  1. BarbieGirl#FnRc

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    Member Name BarbieGirl#FnRc

    What Server are you applying for?: Slaughter House

    In-Game Name: BarbieGirl#FinallyRich

    What is your steam ID: STEAM_1:0:443486703

    What is your email address?

    Age: 18

    Do you have AMX Experience. If so describe to us what experience you have.: I am good at console settings and codes.

    League History (if any):

    Timezone: Everyday anytime. When in America is night here is day so i can be easily online in the server.

    Tell us why you should be Admin: I am cool guy who wants to set the law;) And im trusted member of WHX. I would use admin like admin is supposed to be like. And i almostly play only in Slaughter House, and i have seen that there isnt many admins online when here is day. So i would be usable.
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    Thank you for your interest in becoming an admin on SH server. You do not meet the requirements. *Applying twice is considered spamming, please do not do that as it results in an automatic denial.

    1. Must be a member for at least 7 Days.
    2. Must be active on the forums.
    3. Must have at least 8-12 hacker reports. (To prove you can actually spot and record hackers correctly)
    Must be active in the server you are applying for.
    5. Must have vouches from other admins not members. (do NOT ask or beg admins to vouch for you)
    6. Must NOT spam anywhere for staff+ to view your application. (Will result in an automatic denial)
    7. Must wait 1 week after a denial to post another application. (Will result in an automatic denial if not followed)
    8. Must be able to read and speak (or type) fluent English. (This means not using an online translator to communicate) - We need Server Admins whocan be able to communicate effectively withWristHaX members/staff+ and players in game.

    Denied for now.
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