Denied Suggestion(s) for RATS

Discussion in 'Bug Reports,Suggestions,Complaints' started by sukyn00b, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. sukyn00b

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    Member Name sukyn00b

    Is this for the servers or forums?: RATS

    Your Suggestion: IF we keep the autobalance....could we slow down how many times we switch people (like every 5 rounds) or something?

    Also, if we are going to restrict AWP for top players only on the winning team...could we just restrict AWP permanently?

    How will we benefit from this?: Its difficult to keep remember what side your on when getting switched 10-20 times per map.

    I really dislike restricting weapons for 1 or 2 people in a map full of people seems dumb, were already balancing every we really need to go so granular as to weapon...I like the awp restriction idea...many of the maps are more fun without awps anyways.
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    The balancing needs to be quick due to the short map times.

    If a team is 3 rounds ahead, they loose access to the awp completely.

    The reason for limiting it to one awp per team is for them to be any more overwhelming than they are already.

    It's a lottery, if you are lucky to get it than use it, if you don't then try again next time.

    @Black_Sheep hasn't decided on taking the awp away.
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  3. Black_Sheep

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    Hello @sukyn00b ,

    I'd like to keep the awp for now and monitor the new changes in the server traffic wise. I'll keep your suggestion in mind once I can review how these new changes effect the server.

    Denied for now.
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