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Discussion in 'Server Admin Application' started by scotch., Jul 30, 2012.

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    The system was not designed for individual players to filter applicants out based off of whether or not they meet requirements. The server managers are more than capable of determining if an applicant meets the requirements of being a server admin. As many of you know, there have been several admins added to this community without meeting every individual requirement because a player was either requested to apply, or because an exception was made.

    That being said, Please limit your vouch/no vouch comments to very specific individualized reasons. If you haven't seen a player in the server before, check the gameme stats first to make sure they don't play during times when you simply aren't online.

    Only People Involved With AMX can Vouch. Means: Donors, Trial Admins & Server Admins+

    Examples of HOW TO vouch/no vouch:

    Vouch: Great player, friendly, mature, seen in the server a lot interacting with others.
    Vouch: Funny dude/dudette, high play time, competent player.
    Vouch: Always reports hackers in chatbox/forums, mature, capable, available during times when admins are minimally available.

    No Vouch: Trolls other players, low play time.
    No Vouch: Rages too much, trash talks other players, spams mic. Childish.

    Examples of how NOT to vouch/no vouch:

    Vouch: He is nice dude / girl.
    Vouch: Made my signature graphic for me and has steam.

    No Vouch: You don't meet the requirements.
    No Vouch: You are not active.

    To reiterate: Server Managers are capable of noting whether or not someone has met the requirements. While the help and efforts are appreciated, the extra spam in some of the recent applications is excessive and unnecessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Server Managers or Community Management Team.
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